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Natalie G is a model, dancer, flow artist and actress based in Toronto, Canada. She has a broad foundation of modelling experience that distinguishes her as a versatile and capable professional. Natalie has spent years as a background performer on many feature shows and films learning the trade and practicing her skills. 


Known for her ability to work in many different settings, Natalie is comfortable from conservative to cutting edge. She is qualified, creative, and always ready to try new ideas and poses. She has several tattoos and piercings that compliment her spirit and frame her physique.


Natalie has appeared on the Playboy USA app, magazines and online features. She has been shown on many movies, TV programs, and music videos. Highlights include: Pompeii, Enemy, Aaliyah, How to Build a Better Boy, Degrassi, Hemlock Grove and Paranormal Witness - dressed as an alien.


She has experience in photography workshops and meet ups, go-go dancing, paid-to-party, conventions and expo’s. She can also travel to work on-location.


Special skills include horseback riding (equestrian - jumping, dressage), hula hooping and yoga. She is also comfortable around cannabis and has her medical license.

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